Monday, 9 March 2015

Australia pleads with Indonesia over death row men

Boycott The Indonesian Killing Fields

Tony Abbott needs to play HARDBALL... and apply sanctions NOW:

1. Kick out the Indonesian Ambassador and withdraw the Australian Ambassador from Jakarta

2. Stop all aid to Indonesia

3. Stop funding pro-Indonesian proxy organizations with taxpayer money,
such as the AII, AsiaLink and the AIBC. These Indonesian lobbyist
groups, and their members in the Australian media, need to be subjected
to a full and immediate investigation

4. Implement trade barriers for Indonesian imports

5. Lobby overseas for international support, to isolate Jakarta. This
is a breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and must be
the subjectof an immediate protest.

6. Increase the risk level for travel to Bali and Indonesia, thus cutting tourism at a stroke.

Canberra needs to stop pretending that Widodo is a friend. He isn't.
He's a cold blooded murderer, who will only respond to PRESSURE and
COST. Tony Abbott needs to stop playing softball and take actions that
will BITE.

Asking nicely is no longer an option.

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